As a strong athletic guy who played a variety of sports for most of my life, I never imagined that joint discomfort would become such a huge challenge for me.

Life has its peaks and valleys.

The journey of success is no different. Growing up as a kid just outside of Los Angeles, I always dreamt of making it as a professional baseball player. 

I wanted to be a Los Angeles Dodger. Although I did very well in college, I didn’t make it past the AAA tryouts, so I decided to do the next best thing.

For me, that meant landing a career in a similar field. I couldn’t quite see myself on TV as a sportscaster, so I decided to work in sports media sponsorship. I sell advertising and connect some major brands with major sports teams.

One might say I live a charmed life. I get all the perks of being around sports, interacting with my favorite teams, and making great money. 

She loves the great outdoors as well, and nothing makes us feel better than hiking through the woods. 

We also love to drive down to Point Dume State Beach on Sundays and watch the waves crash against the Malibu bluffs.

I enjoy the clean crisp air. It helps me completely relax and recharge for work. The field of sports media can be very fast-paced and hectic. 

It turns out I had stepped on a rock and, because my joints were weak, I slipped. Somehow, as I slipped I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle. I came crashing down under the heavy load I was carrying.

My girlfriend was terrified that I may have broken my leg. My whole leg was throbbing. Thankfully, she called the State Troopers and park rescue.


- Christina R. 

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"Helps me manage my Osteoarthritis!"

I have Osteoarthritis and taking Primal Flex in combination with Turmeric Complex has helped me manage my joint discomfort. I take it in the morning and evening. I have Osteoarthritis so combining these two powerful supplements together has helped me see such great improvement. I will definitely be buying more! !

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"I Finally Found The Real Deal"

I have finally found the real deal. I have searched for years and tried numerous other supplements to help relieve Joint stiffness and pain. I have been taking Primal Harvest Primal Flex for three weeks, and I am here to say that joints throughout my entire body have finally found a relief I have never felt before with any other product.

- Edna S.

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"Pain is gone!"

I am very happy because I am 67 years old and had suffer of pain in all my body. I am taking Primal Flex, two capsules three times a day and my pain is gone. Primal Flex is made of natural ingredients, it doesn’t upset my stomach

- Patty D. 

+ Verified Purchase on May 15, 2020

"I didn't know what to trust until I found this! "

I refused to take supplements of any kind. I had started off with turmeric but now have Primal Flex as well to help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can now grasp things and I feel like my quality of life has improved! The results were phenomenal!


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Free Same-Day Shipping

While I didn’t make it on the field as a player, I am just as happy with my seats in the Field Box sections behind the backstop at Dodger Stadium. With such great seats, I rarely miss a game. 

Everyday I get to live my dream and sometimes even interact with the players and fans. At the same time, my career has its fair share of stresses. 

One thing I can’t really avoid is the traffic in L.A. It can be a super big pain… literally. 

I noticed that my hour long commute from Tarzana to our offices near Dodgers Stadium in downtown L.A. was taking its toll on me.

After my long commute, I would always arrive at the office with stiff hip flexors, an aching lower back, and, for some reason, my knee kept bothering me.

But that’s just the beginning of my woes… 

See, for me, it’s really important to stay on top of my game with sales and my performance. I truly love what I do, so it’s critical to balance my focused discipline with fun. I strive to work hard and play hard.

Sometimes I find myself craving the solitude of nature. 

I love nothing more than loading up my jeep, throwing in the hiking gear and taking my lady on a romantic weekend camping trip to Malibu State Park.

Living in Los Angeles I always look forward to my long weekends where I can get out into the mountain trails and enjoy the scenery and lakes.

It wasn't too long ago that I started noticing more and more discomfort when prepping for my trips. Even when doing things that were always so effortless for me. And I totally wasn’t prepared for it…

Things like loading my cooler into the jeep and carrying my heavy hiking gear really started aggravating my knees and lower back...

…..all of a sudden my normal prep work became difficult for me in the span of a few short months.

The first time this happened, I didn’t worry about it. I kind of marched on through the trip and it was no big deal. 

The second time, I almost slipped on a trail but I caught myself, although my ankles and knees both seemed to be aggravated. Finally, on one particular trip, I felt something I never felt before. I was dreading the whole thing all together. 

This had always been my solace after a stressful week, and I couldn’t imagine staying in the house and giving up one of the few activities that really helped me feel my best. 

Truthfully, I was too embarrassed to cancel the trip because my girlfriend was in need of a getaway too.

Unfortunately, my weak joints caught up with me. I ended up slipping on a rock, injured both my knee and ankle, and almost broke my leg!

All I remember is that I was carrying the heavy load of our tent and gear in my backpack. 

My girlfriend was behind me and everything was going great. Next thing I knew, I lost my balance, heard a “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” and fell flat on my face. 

To make a long story short, that ended up being one of the worst weekends of my life.

After the rescue team got me to the hospital, the bad news began... I was told by the doctor it would take me several months to fully recover.

Although I eventually recovered, the lasting effects of joint stiffness haunted me. I just wasn’t the same. I had come to realize I had allowed my joints to weaken, and that had contributed to the accident. 

I've been lucky enough to avoid major accidents or health issues in my life. So once my joint problems started to hugely interfere with my life, I had no prior coping methods or solutions to turn to.

My ankles and knees would frequently become swollen, stiff, achy, and uncomfortable, and I was at a complete loss over how to deal with it.

The part that really got to me the most was the possibility that I would have to quit my favorite hobby, my mountain hiking trips.

I felt totally devastated, like a piece of my life was missing. I started to feel down, and my family and friends began to notice. 

My brother mentioned one day that I “seemed distant and tired lately” and that I wasn’t quite myself. I didn’t want to let my family, friends, colleagues, and girlfriend down. This was when I knew something had to be done.

I decided that no matter what it took, I would find a way to get through this valley of gloom, get back to the mountain peaks, and reclaim that wonderful period of my life. 

I wouldn’t let aching joints stand in my way.

After multiple trips to the doctor’s office and many blood tests and consultations later, I was left with expensive prescriptions and tips for various coping methods.

I went on to get many different opinions, but some only had pricey private wellness programs to sell me or just couldn’t tell me anything concrete.

It seemed so expensive and complicated just to be ache-free!

Needless to say, I wasn’t off to a great start… I wanted to try to help my body naturally first. 

I wanted to avoid being chronically medicated, as I had read prescription drugs may help with one problem but lead to others down the road. 

If I could avoid it for as long as possible, I knew I had to try. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That was when I started doing research on joint issues. I was in search of a natural alternative.

I was pretty stunned to discover that 23% of all adults (that’s over 54 million people!) suffer from arthritis in the United States. 

Out of all these people, 1 in 4 report having severe joint aches. That equates to about 24 million adults who also have their activities limited by stiffness and discomfort. I was instantly relieved that I was not alone.

I discovered that there are many different causes of joint problems, but according to my research, the most common by far is the chronic inflammation of the joints.

My research taught me that inflammation has actually been closely studied for many years. However, researchers are still trying to fully understand its effect on our health.

I always assumed any type of inflammation was a bad thing but I soon also discovered that this is a common misconception. Inflammation in the right amounts is actually an essential part of the immune system and the main way that the body responds to injury and infection. Without it, we would be in some serious trouble.

But there are two different types of inflammation: acute and chronic.

Acute is the “good” short-term inflammation that targets only one specific location after an injury. Acute inflammation will likely cause redness, swelling, and tenderness only in the specific area that has been injured, such as a sprained ankle, cut, scrape, or sore throat. This type of inflammation disappears once the injury is fully healed. 

Rather than being in only one specific area, chronic inflammation occurs when there is constant, low-grade inflammation that never ceases. When it comes to rheumatoid conditions, the immune system experiences an “inflammatory malfunction”. This causes it to attack the membrane lining the joints and to wear down important joint cartilage and tissues. The body’s reaction to this malfunction is usually categorized by ongoing joint swelling, aches, stiffness, increased joint fluid, as well as cartilage, bone, and muscle loss.

I finally understood that making lifestyle changes may help my joint discomfort.

I knew that I had to make a serious commitment to changing my lifestyle to one that helped promote my body's natural inflammatory responses in every way possible.


Switching to an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle is one possible way to help reduce discomfort over time. So I began drastically changing my food choices and overall nutrition to follow an ‘anti-inflammatory diet’ as closely as possible.

When we eat too many processed, artificial, sugary, fried foods or consume too much alcohol, it may cause the body to create an inflammatory response to these unhealthy foreign invaders. This may ultimately trigger more discomfort.

Some of the anti-inflammatory dietary choices that have been shown to be most effective are closely aligned with the Mediterranean approach. This includes plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, and very little red meat or foods high in saturated and trans fats. 

Ananti-inflammatory dietalso includes actively avoiding all foods that may possibly cause an inflammatory response, including sugar, alcohol, oils, and refined carbohydrates. I also made sure to drink as much water as possible throughout the day and tried to space out my meals to be consistent, smaller, and more regular. 


I started meditating with guided meditations for at least 10-20 minutes every day, either in the morning or before bed. I began this practice after reading about a study that found that meditating for about 20 minutes per day can cut physical discomfort in half in as little as four days.

According to what I read, consistent meditation practice may help decrease your brain's response to physical discomfort. In other words, they claim that you may actually be able to train your brain to cope better with feelings of discomfort. 

Also, since stress can make things feel worse, meditation can help to lower stress levels and improve feelings of relaxation.


I used to avoid getting massages, as I saw it as an indulgence that I couldn’t afford. But after some research, I learned that when dealing with chronic joint problems, therapeutic massage is nothing to feel guilty about. This is because certain massage techniques can actually help remove some of the tension from aching muscles and joints, and relieve stress and anxiety.

Massage can also help create sensations in other parts of your body that will distract you from the areas that are sore. For this reason, I started committing to getting therapeutic massages twice a month at an affordable center that wouldn’t break the bank.


I realized that I had been too focused and caught up in obsessing about my joint problems. Because of this, I committed to spending more time doing things that I could enjoy on days when I was experiencing more discomfort.

I watched a funny movie, spent time with friends and family, and did other low impact activities to distract my mind. It may seem like a silly and obvious tactic, but focusing only on the feelings of discomfort will only amplify them, and I found it worked better than I had anticipated.

After a few weeks, I could feel my hard work and dedication to my new anti-inflammatory lifestyle really making a difference.

I felt more positive and in control, but truthfully, my issues weren’t completely resolved. I still didn’t have my health back in the way I had hoped…

One day, when I was struggling to get through a beach workout that my co-worker and good friend Paul had dragged me to, I felt my usual despair creeping up on me again. 

I confided in my friend after the workout and he turned to me and said, “You know what, I know something you can take that might help with that!

"I was feeling the exact same way, too,” Paul said. “I tried making lifestyle changes, which was when I started doing calisthenics on the beach... But what really made the difference for me was this Ayurveda inspired supplement that I added into my daily routine. It was incredible how quickly it helped support me."

I tried not to roll my eyes as I told him I had already tried everything in the book and didn’t want to consume any unnecessary chemicals or drugs with mysterious fillers. Paul said he had been taking a natural, holistic supplement called Primal Flex for a little over five months now and it had a huge impact on his life. 

It was created by a new and innovative company called Primal Harvest. It combined a lot of the joint-supporting herbs he had been researching in his studies about Ayurvedic and alternative medicine.

I was a bit skeptical of course but knew my friend was very informed, plus he had always been the image of great health. I was curious to learn more… 

He said he had found it by looking for the top natural supplements for joint discomfort. He was on the hunt for a supplement containing some of the anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs he had researched, like turmeric, boswellia, and ashwagandha. 

Paul also mentioned that he had seen this brand Primal Harvest featured on some of his favorite channels, such as CNN. 

By this point, we were already placing my first order online. I was ready to give one last try in the hopes that it would be the final piece to the puzzle that would allow me to take control over my joints.


It supported me against joint stiffness, achiness, and discomfort. After struggling to stay active and do the things I love, I had little hope that a supplement could help me control my joint issues. 

But after about two weeks of daily use, I felt much of the discomfort improve drastically, and I began experiencing less soreness overall. My knees and ankles feel so much better now, and I am so glad I decided to take that leap of faith!

It improved my mobility: 

Previously, I actively avoided hiking, camping, and physical activities where I knew I would either have to leave early or try to grin and bear it. 

Knowing that I felt supported helped improve my mood: 

Before trying this supplement, I felt utterly defeated, hopeless, and out of control when it came to managing my joint problems. Since then, the anxiety I felt over my health has greatly diminished. My feelings of low energy and drowsiness have also been replaced with a new vigor for life. 

I feel more positive and more in control over my body and can now revel in the power that my healthy lifestyle and Primal Flex have given me. 

After about two months of daily Primal Flex use, I can confidently say that I have found something that works for me and that I have gotten my life back.

I no longer live day to day with the anxiety that, because of my joints, I’ve missed out on life and won’t be able to enjoy my weekends hiking in Malibu. 

I now know that the best years are yet to come and hope to fill them with nature, travel, exercise, family, and joy. My girlfriend has even joined me in some of my lifestyle changes and has started taking Primal Flex as well!

Making healthy changes in our lives can seem daunting and require persistence and dedication but when it comes down to it, we deserve it and are worth it

Taking Primal Flex was my ‘secret tool’ that ended up being the easiest and most convenient part of my routine. Sometimes the simplest solution can be the most effective one!

I now believe for certain that joint discomfort doesn’t need to hold you back from doing the things you love. It doesn't have to prevent you from living a full and happy life. 

I hope you enjoyed my story of healing and transformation!

If you want to try Primal Flex for yourself, be sure to try out their bundle deals that can help you save on your order, as well as prevent you from running out and having to disrupt your new joint-supporting routine.

- Rosario M.



Our potent joint support products are formulated to help reduce discomfort and improve mobility.


Primal Flex is USA made in our GMP-certified facility. Each new batch is 3rd party tested for potency and purity.


Primal Flex is carefully engineered in Utah and shipped from Colorado. 


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As you can tell from my story, I had nothing left to lose... I was willing to try anything to help my constant loss of memory, lack of focus, and overall brain fog…

And if you’re reading this right now, then you know what I’m talking about...

  • Hormones and proteins that protect and repair brain cells and stimulate neural growth decline with age. 
  • We can have decreased blood flow to the brain, which can impair memory and lead to changes in cognitive skills.
  • Inflammation, which occurs when the body responds to an injury or disease, may increase.
  • Communication between neurons (nerve cells) may not be as effective.
  • Changes occur in all parts of the body, including the brain. Forgetfulness can creep in and seem like a normal part of aging. 

Of course… there is no magic pill, we all could do better by improving the following habits: